Malice's Concerns.. (("MOD announcement" Please READ))

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Malice's Concerns.. (("MOD announcement" Please READ))

Post  Malice_Rose on Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:26 pm

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I would like to commend you all on your excellent participation in this wonderful D fan forum and for helping us grow one D fan at a time. There have been many wonderful subjects discussed and lovely pictures shared among the members and I have enjoyed watching these activities.

I do have some concerns I feel I need to address with this community and I shall state them in the best way possible.

Each time any member would like to share a picture with the forum, I ask that each picture be either thumb nailed or if there are more than five pictures, that links are provided for the pictures. This way, one does not have to scroll for ages to see the entire post and it does not take an eternity for the page to load. Secondly, I would like for topics such as politics, war, and religion to be discussed at a minimum in these threads. The reason for this condition is simply because we as a community are made up of a diverse complex of individuals and believe in different views, and hold separate concerns than other D fans. We are each a unique person and thus may become enveloped in debates and in the end this D kinship would be destroyed.

For example, religion;

Many of us may believe in unison, but the rest of us may have beliefs of unique origin and thus may not agree on many things. Many also believe that Asagi's lyrics are derived from Christian beliefs and those individuals are free to their opinions, but one does not have to be Christian to use such beliefs or views as a source or medium to express their lyrical ability as Asagi does. One also does not have to be a Christian to find peace and tranquility in his words, to find that they are true and follow his sayings as poetic and lulling melodies enchanting and calming to the aching heart, mind, and soul.

My entire point, is, that let us keep our religious beliefs, political views, and war discussions, away from the D forum; for someone may not address this as calmly as I and may become infuriated, offended, or dangerous.

Thank you for your time.

-Malice Rose-
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